Winter Trails turn into Spring Trails

In the last week, we’ve heard requests to keep Winter Trails open with the various cancellations and closures in the community. We plan to do just that. We’re going keep trails open so you can have recess, gym class, a break from your new home office, fresh air and likely a stress reliever.

Until we can’t. Melting snow and temperatures at this time of year often don’t play well with machines and won’t improve the surface anyway. When the snowpack gets too soft, it cannot support the machine and grooming becomes an exercise in futility. So be patient with us and Mother Nature. Keep six feet between you and any one else on the trail, but don’t forget to wave. And if you had a good time out there, be sure to tell a friend. Check the grooming report for the most current information on our efforts.

Spring Trails

Spring trails sometimes need some special handling. Please pay attention to the following restrictions and conditions:

  • With resources expected to be stretched, restroom facilities may not be maintained, cleaned or locked temporarily. Please plan ahead and bring your own supplies if necessary.

  • Do not “borrow” supplies (toilet paper, brooms, sanitizer, etc) from unlocked restrooms. Use only what you need or have your own supplies.

  • Walking and riding on muddy trails makes ruts worse and future maintenance time consuming. Stay off muddy trails event though some trails may open in mid-April.

  • Know about winter range closures- They are in place so we do not adversely affect wildlife in areas. Full info on closures is available at the Teton Basin Ranger District and on this map.

  • Bring emergency gear. Spring time days can be unseasonable warm and sunny, but weather can change fast. Be prepared with emergency clothes, food, water, first aid. Be sure to tell a buddy where you are going and when you plan to return.

  • Bring bear spray. Bears are emerging from hibernation.

  • Please make sure you are picking up after your pets and ensure they are under your control at ALL times. If you need a fun way to carry bags on the trail,  consider ordering a TVTAP Puppy Permit and you’ll get a blue bag dispenser.  

    and you’ll get a blue bag dispenser.

Thank you for your support!

Photo Credit: Howie Garber Images