Volunteer Opportunties

Teton Valley Trails and Pathways relies on volunteers to keep our programs going strong and our mission on track. We have enthusiastic supporters and great staff, so you are guaranteed a fun time while you are helping out.

Please check out our volunteer opportunities currently available:

Wilderness Stewards

In the summer and fall, we offer opportunities to volunteer for unique trail projects. These are usually larger time commitments and may require some simple training. Your participation allows you to learn a new skills, experience new terrain and work with a group of people who have a passion for the outdoors.

  • USFS Crosscut Saw Training/Certification Course
  • Multi-day pack trip and day-trip outings throughout the summer

Fill out form below if you are interested in helping work on Wilderness trails.

Trail Projects

Do you have a particular trail project in mind that you believe to be valuable?

Do you want to organize a project with your business, group, organization, or friends?

This summer we will be working with our partners and volunteers like you to help get your priority projects rolling.

Fill out the form below to share your project. Let us know about it and we can help make it happen!