Winter Trails Program & Feedback

Last week, the local Forest Service office implemented some updated regulations to winter trails on Forest Service land. These changes include planned enforcement of the  year round leash law in Teton Canyon and closing the Southern Valley Trail Area to dogs from December 1 – April 15. This puts Teton Valley Trails & Pathways in a tough position. Over the past week we have listened to feedback from the community and there are many different feelings and beliefs surrounding this decision.

The Forest Service is tasked with the safety and management of both the Teton Canyon and Southern Valley Trails areas  as well as many of the other recreation areas we love. Our role in these areas is to provide grooming. At this time, the Forest Service has made this decision and Teton Valley Trails & Pathways will heed this decision and will continue to work cooperatively with the Forest Service, while striving to represent the needs of all trail users. Feedback, questions and concerns can be directed to the Forest Service. We will continue to listen as well.

Trails & Pathways grooms 5 trails that are open to dogs in winter, Driggs, Sherman Park, Alta, Teton Canyon, and 5th Street in Driggs.  TVTAP will continue to provide dog waste stations at Teton Canyon and the Alta track. We will look to expand this support. We will continue to work with the Forest Service to support trails in our valley and continue the conversation about how best to support responsible use. Other trails in our valley can be a model for solutions and all-inclusive trails if the Forest Service decides to reconsider winter closures.

Thank you for your support out on the trails.

Dan Verbeten, Executive Director Megan Bybee, Teton Valley Trails & Pathways Board President Teton Valley Trails & Pathways Board