Teton Creek Corridor is Ready for You

The Teton Creek Corridor Partners would like to invite you to join us in celebrating a one-of-a-kind collaborative effort, well over a decade in the making. This Saturday, May 29th, we’ll open the gates to the Teton Creek Corridor to the public for the very first time. You and your family, friends, and leashed pets are invited to explore this outstanding new resource until the annual winter pathway closure date of December 1. Project partners Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP), Teton Regional Land Trust (TRLT, Friends of the Teton River (FTR), Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD),  LegacyWorks Group (LWG), the City of Driggs, Teton County, Idaho, the LOR Foundation and an array of funders and other partners came together to achieve something we had long wanted to accomplish that none of us could have achieved on our own. Together, we’ve protected over 300 acres along the corridor for open space, agriculture and critical wildlife habitat and built a pathway stretching 2.5 miles along the length of the project. Our collective effort continues as we explore further restoration work and extension of the project beyond this initial stretch of Teton Creek. We’re excited to welcome you!

Parking: If driving to the Teton Creek Corridor, please park at 5th St. Park or at the temporary parking area on N 1000 E, just north of the Driggs Cemetery (see map). If accessing the north end of the Pathway, safely parking along the Stateline Rd. right-of-way is permitted. From 5th St. Park, expect a 15 minute walk to the Pathway. When walking or biking to the Pathway on Little Ave. and Cemetery Rd., please use caution: vehicles (often large trucks) traveling on Little Ave. and Cemetery Rd. move at 45 miles per hour. There is not yet an official crosswalk to access the Pathway gate. A temporary parking area has been set up on Teton County property at the north end of N 1000 E (just past the Driggs cemetery) and may be more appropriate for those not able to park and walk/bike from 5th St. Park. Please respect the private property of Corridor neighbors when traveling to or from the pathway. Plans are advancing towards the installation of a pedestrian bridge on Cemetery Rd., a crosswalk and dedicated pathway parking infrastructure. * A fundraising campaign for these projects is coming soon. Please reach out to Trails & Pathways at dan@tvtap.org or Teton Regional Land Trust via the Joselin Matkins Enduring Spirit Fund at jeske@tetonlandtrust.org Rules/Etiquette: The Teton Creek Corridor Project is designed to balance public access, recreation, agriculture, habitat protection and wildlife security. To ensure the wellbeing of users and wildlife, please respect the following guidelines: • If you pack it in, pack it out. • Please stay on the pathway and respect the adjacent landowners. • Trail is open from sunup to sundown. No use after dark. • Trail is closed Dec.1 - May 1 for Big Game Migration. • This is a Non-Motorized, Multi-Use Trail. Please be courteous of other users. • Please keep your dogs on-leash and pick up after your pets. See you on the pathway!