Winter Recap

It was a huge winter in Teton Valley and we broke all sorts of records! Thank your for supporting the grooming program with your Trail Support Vehicle sticker purchases, Giving Tuesday gifts, Winter Trails Challenge participation and donations. It was more important than ever that our top fans showed up this winter.

The Highlights:

  • 8,581 miles groomed- 56% increase over 21-22 season.

  • First groom to last groom (season length): 154 days - longest on record!

  • 862 volunteer grooming hours.

  • 582 staff grooming hours (3 people).

  • 944 gallons of fuel used - most on record!

A very special and well-deserved shout out goes to our 24 volunteer groomers. They were as relentless as the winter, getting out there to keep the classic tracks set and the surface fresh. With our maintenance schedule, we've been able keep the equipment in top shape. That means operators enjoy grooming, which makes for great trail conditions. If there are great trail conditions, it makes for happy walkers, skiers and riders. Our favorite stat? We divide total trail visits by the amount of fuel used to achieve... 55 SMILES per gallon. It wasn't just all about grooming this winter, however. Here are a few other things we'd like to brag about:

  • Hired a Peggy Boggs as a full-time Development Director.

  • Awarded grants from Community Foundation of Teton Valley, Silverstar, Wyoming Recreational Trails Program, Teton Springs Foundation & Idaho Falls Nordic Ski Patrol

  • New Equipment: snowmobile, Ginzu groomer, roller and classic track setter.

  • Launched the Horseshoe Canyon Yurt rental program.

  • Co-hosted 3 Nordic races: Teton Ridge Classic, Spud Chase and Alta Skiathlon.

  • Stocked 8000 dog waste bags and disposed of 1 ton of full bags.

  • Set-up business sponsorship program.

As you can see, no dust settles under our crew during the winter. As we look forward, we have plans to grow the organizationally with a rock solid foundation. Winters in Teton Valley can be long and we take our role seriously in providing trails to the community. Now on to summer projects where you will see some tangible projects coming to the community this summer. Stay tuned! And see you on the trail!