Why Trails & Pathways matters to Teton Valley

Teton Valley Trails and Pathways works to improve your self-powered pursuits. Your Tin Cup Challenge contribution is used secure grants, build/maintain year-round trails, purchase vital equipment and advocate for a better quality of life in Teton Valley.


Donate through the Tin Cup Challenge

Why it Matters:

To Communities:  Trails and Pathways is a reliable partner, bringing in expertise and funding to help local government and non-profits integrate pathways into their planning and infrastructure. Yoursupport allows us to maintain and expand these relationships on your behalf.

To Residents: Think about the last time you were walking on a trail. Or biking on a pathway with your child. Or gliding on your skis on fresh, cold corduroy. Trails & Pathways makes it possible for you to recreate responsibly and often, just outside your back door. Tin Cup donations help Trails & Pathways preserve these programs for EVERYONE in the community.

To Students: Transportation and safety is our number one concern when it comes to students. We want to provide a reliable way for our kids (or our friend’s kids) to get to school. Educating kids on how to be assertive, safe and confident pedestrians and bikers is an investment in the future. Donations to Trails and Pathways fuels this investment.

To Visitors: It’s no secret that a big part of our economy is tourism. By providing visitors with top-notch amenities, we build a Teton Valley fan base while inspiring/encouraging them to be stewards of our unique area.  Help us continue to impress our visitors while impressing upon them the importance of respecting our community.

We don’t provide meals. We don’t provide counseling or protection to those in danger. We don’t provide for the health and safety of animals or offer essential services that any number of our peer non-profits are providing in 2020. They need your help too. We do what we do to provide a better quality of life through healthy, affordable and safe recreation to everyone in Teton Valley and we’d like your support during this year's Tin Cup Challenge.

The challenge period is open now through July 24th. Visit the Community Foundation of Teton Valley for more information and to submit your donation on-line.